What it's like working with us.

Complete Service Offering

Get a service that is robust. Bruce Energy is where experts are used where experts are needed. We use a combination of in-house experts and specialist partners. This allows us to tackle mainstream work and niche developments.


You may be a large established brand looking to supplement your existing team. Address niche areas without the need for a full time resource. We work with internationally recognised brands and operate to the highest international standards.


Or perhaps you’re a start up with a bright idea who needs a flexible engineering team to prove out your concept. We can take an artistic impression and bring it to life. You’ll get the detail right down to the engineering level, so that you can talk to investors with hard numbers and confidence.


Bespoke development is commonplace at Bruce Energy as we often work to your specific needs, taking into account your scenario including environmental, macro and micro factors.

IP Handling Process

Formalising how we handle IP up front provides clarity. We implement NDAs as a standard practice, so you know your IP is protected. This enables frictionless, productive discussions from the start. A common understanding helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

Flexible OPTIONS

We can think big and act small. You could have a billion dollar product idea that needs a proof of concept before you can raise capital. We fill in the gaps between where you are now and the technical proof you need to raise funding.


We can also target niche areas of development that exist within a large consultancy. Here we remove the need for a full-time resource while fulfilling challenging project requirements to an international standard.


For The Non-Technical

You might know what you want at a high level, but need someone to articulate your vision at a technical level. We sit down with you to fully understand your vision. Then we produce the nitty gritty specs that tick the boxes at a professional engineering level.


Typical Project Steps.

To start, we carve out a suitable piece of the overall vision. This helps to establish the viability of the working relationship, with a reduced commitment.


We build a strong foundation for your project through a deep discovery phase. We believe that understanding your project in depth produces a better result. This is the same for both new product development ideas and power plants.


Product Development Ideas

Here you might have an idea for a new technology you want to develop. In this instance we look at any existing models you have, to better inform our project plan.


Power Plants

For green or brown field projects we will look at utility bills and size of equipment amongst other inputs.


We also do bespoke development, so if neither of the above sound like you, get in touch. These are simply the most common types of work we produce.


The goal of the initial contact is to get familiar with your businesses and the way you like to operate.

Through experience, we’ve found that several contacts are required before a project can start. We accept a reasonable level of knowledge sharing before requiring a contract to be signed. 

Once we have confirmed the project brief, we then allocate specialist resources to requirements and define the project cost structure. This produces a formal proposal for your review. The scope of the proposal is clear and in writing, so both parties know what work is required.

For new clients, we generally start with a short-term project with clear deliverables. This is designed to give you confidence that the undertaking is a low-risk commitment.

As part of successfully completing the initial work package for technology we also outline a long term plan so that you can solidify your vision. This starts with a Proof of Concept, followed by a feasibility study and ultimately your first commercial plant!

For projects that meet our criteria for high complexity, you’ll get a detailed Gantt chart so you can see progress, timelines and dependencies.

Jumping on a call during the project is straightforward and easy, you can book a call from our website at any time. We offer a range of plans for contact hours so you can rest assured that you can speak with us as much, or as little as you want.

During project delivery we email through a draft for comment and discussion. Then we meet once a week to update you on progress, let you know what's coming up and iron out any roadblocks. Throughout the life of the project we focus on resource-levelling so that we can deliver as promised, on time.

Industrial Internet of Things

We’re actively working with the Industrial Internet of Things. With more smart devices coming online everyday, the need for smart solutions is growing. We leverage this emerging network of interconnected devices to help you hit your business goals. 


For example: 

Your project might focus on replacing manual performance monitoring of power plants. Here we’d design a fully integrated IIoT solution. This includes the critical process modelling that enables successful plant performance analysis.


First, this solution would push monitoring data to the cloud and automate the production of results. The system would then push the data back to various work stations around the globe. From here, this information is then fed back into the system which updates the algorithm for continuous performance improvement.


Come to us with ‘the what’ and we’ll show you ‘the how’.